dr. maria grazia parisi

Dr. Maria Grazia Parisi, MD (born in Milan 1962) holds the degree of Medical Doctor (University of Milan, 1987) and since 1991 (formal specialization) works with the focus on psychotherapy.


Her original interest was psychosomatic medicine (the relation between mind and body) and the neurosciences. Besides her work as psychotherapist she had always an interest in alternative medical therapies (phytotherapy, Bach flowers, oligotherapy) and is trained in hypnotherapy and NLP.


In Italy she continually publishes articles about psychology in print media for medicine and complementary medicine. She is present in television through interviews and in radio programs answers the listeners’ questions. Moreover in Italy she published books about health subjects (see below).


Since 1989, she works in the training of psychotherapists and supervises these.

She teaches and holds seminars about subjects from psychology, psychosomatics, complementary medicine and the relation between body and mind in occidental medical tradition.


In 2003, through her clinical practice, she got into contact with the methods of Energy Psychology and applied these until 2009 when she developed the method FastReset® . Since then she instructs medical doctors, psychologists, coaches, family counsellors, educators, and nutritional counsellors all over Italy in the application of the FastReset® .


Selection of books (published in Italian so far):


FastReset – Il metodo rapido di guarigione emotiva (“FastReset – The rapid method for emotional healing”), by Sperling & Kupfer – 2013, 4. reprints;


La soluzione FastReset (“The FastReset solution”), by Sperling & Kupfer – 2014;

Guarisci il tuo passato, cambia il tuo futuro (“Heal your past, change your future”), by Sperling & Kupfer, 2016;


La medicina complementare nella pratica clinica (“Complementary medicine in clinical practice”), Edited by Luisa Merati and Barbara Mantellini, by Masson – 2005

Ipertensione – Prevenirla e curarla con la psiche e la natura (“Hypertension – How to prevent and heal it using psyche and nature”), by Riza – 1989

Salute e benessere con i fiori di Bach (“Health and wellbeing using Bach flowers”), by Sonzogno – 1997