What is fastreset?

FastReset® is a groundbreaking technique for emotional healing based on a simple physiological principle. 


It involves a conscious and specific focusing of attention, sometimes accompanied by a gesture, which leads to emotional cognitive integration. 


Through this simple method, often autonomous and unconscious emotional reactions are replaced with a spontaneous, positive reframing of the previous state. 


This immediately leads to a new evaluation of what is actually happening. Subsequent behavior is coherently modified without the need for additional external inputs, suggestions, or conditioning. 

As a result, uncomfortable situations or negative attitudes ("I can’t help it") can be perceived in a totally different way. 


New solutions to old problems arise autonomously rather than being self-imposed. 


It often takes just a few minutes for FastReset® to generate positive effects, promoting the immediate recovery of a more appropriate and conscious response. 


Since it employs a natural neurological process, the FastReset® method can’t be considered a therapy. However, by inducing emotional and cognitive realignment, it can be useful for alleviating, most of the time permanently, a wide range of discomforts, including phobias and post-traumatic syndromes.