FastReset® is a groundbreaking emotional healing technique that rapidly and effectively allows you to:

  • release negative emotions
  • deprogram from automatic and unconscious reactions
  • abandon dysfunctional behaviours and beliefs
  • integrate and update your emotional resources 

This technique has proven useful in cases of:

  • emotional trauma and post-traumatic disorders
  • all forms of anxiety 
  • mourning
  • disturbing emotions/feelings
  • addictions and harmful habits
  • lack of self-esteem
  • relational conflicts
  • eating disorders
  • self-sabotage 

It has also revealed itself a powerful support in developing self-awareness, enhancing personal psychological capabilities and getting free of negative patterns and attitudes that limit well-being and success.  


The FastReset® method can be used alone or in association with other psychological and physical techniques for energetic and emotional rebalancing. It may also be used as an effective self-help technique to overcome everyday difficulties.