The Advanced Level Course covers the contents of the core course in greater detail, with greater emphasis on detecting and treating problems caused by traumatic events, phobias, and anxiety-related discomforts. 


It also illustrates the bio-psychological mechanisms that trigger emotional reactions, which is very helpful in applying the FastReset® technique in daily life. 


In order to enroll in the Advanced Level Course, participants must have completed the Entry-Level Course.


Participants who complete the Advanced Level Course will receive a Certificate of Attendance which is strictly required to become Practitioner.


IMPORTANT: The Advanced Level Course provides an in-depth knowledge of the FastReset® technique.  It does not entitle participants to perform alternative psychotherapy of any kind or to act outside the framework of the professional practice as established by the law.


  • Neurobiology of trauma and phobias 
  • Understanding and treating trauma and mourning
  • Fears, phobias, anxiety-related issues and how to treat them
  • Assessing and treating blocking emotions, withdrawal, conflict, rejection, surrender, etc.
  • Primary needs non-recognition: analysis and resolution
  • Treating others, empathy, syntony/disharmony, state of flux
  • Identifying and treating difficulties commonly encountered by Providers
  • Sample situations and treatment